A group relaxation session

Namaste to all my souls Mates…!
And" pathapi vandanam":foot: to our master Sri venu !

Venu … managed to 5 consecutive days relaxation session for 7 people, and yesterday it concluded!
The feedback I received was extremely motivating :innocent:.
Relaxation:- after the progressive relaxation,each day i guided them to discard their problems or issues, or pain,tension… like you made us on our"GS workshop"…
Throwing away the box from cliff…
Another day bursting the balloon… .
Throwing away stones…
Poking water bubbles …etc etc.
Venu …with your guidance…it went very well… its great feeling that i could guide them all beautifully and each and every day they all had the presence of their "Guardian Angel " !
One lady… had a an issue that her daughter s marriage was dropped after engagement and she was little depressed after the issue.now her daughter’s marriage is again fixed… but this time, she’s more n more tensed, when date is nearing…
She had an uncle, who lived for them… not even married, passed away few years before, that UNCLE came to her and advised "no more worries …this time every thing will go well… don’t think too much …i am with you!! I felt like she was kept on the zenith of confidence and happiness after the relaxation ! With tears rolling down she said, "such a great experience it was… and first time experiencing such a beautiful session !! Thanks for making us the part of this ".

Each and every one had their own beautiful experience…and a strong confidence that 'there’s a guardian angel with you through out the life to guard and care you from anything :pray::pray::pray:!!!

Thank you once again venu ! …As i believe that “small steps leads you to a long journey !!!”

Jyothi Sankaran (GS -ATT)
Kochi, kerala.


This is amazing👏
Very well done Jyothi :+1:
And thanks for sharing.
Much appreciate this

My cousin:- Jyothi…Did u hold my leg ,any time in the session… .?

Me :- no , not at all … actually our sir has suggested us ,**better don’t touch your clients,**as some may not like to!

My cousin :- no Jyothi… actually in between the session I felt some one hold my feet…and I had an electric light like energy…or some lightning like power passed from my heel to head …!!
I 100 % felt the light passing ( she was very conscious to tell her experience before others, as her sister in law too was in the group) And thought you (Jyothi) have cultivated a healing power ,by practising this therapy,that’s what I felt at that moment…like we call Pranic healing or something…!


this is really amazing giving me goose pimples love you all
Indu Agarwal


thanks Jyothi,
It was wonderful reading your experience with group session.
God bless,


Thank Venu…

But still… I was not able to take any of my clients to any of their past life! :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:
But I am glad… My clients gives me feed back… as they’re enjoying a healing process, even after session…!

Awaiting my Day🤩


I loved reading this and the pic is unbelievable👍 .How did you manage to get those huge recliner like chairs and a perfect room( looks like sound proof).An inspiration to me and all of us.
Thanks a lot
Love Seema


Thank u seema…!
happy to read your message…!
And also… it’s a blessing that, after relaxation session, we see all clients getting out of their trance with glowing face and beautiful smile of satisfaction!!! To feel that moment, itself is something great ! Thanks to PLRT :raised_back_of_hand:


Wow congratulations Jyoti your group session is truly an inspiration and also the place looks really good…is it your studio… lovely place…as regards your clients not reaching past lives would suggest take them one on one for relief and them you will be able to heal them properly


Some are ready for relaxation geetha mam… doesn’t like to peep back to their past life … their mind set is like that, i don’t wish to drag anyone force fully . I any , i am on my track … trying trying trying again and again.!
Thanks for your suggestions.


Great going Jyothi Keep it up

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My dear soul Mates…
I don’t know wether its true to call it a prophecy !!!

But something is striking my mind…
Plz excuse, if it seems, like an exaggeration…
In my group relaxation session, i have posted before, about because of my client…who was very much worried about her daughter’s marriage, which was dropped after, postponing it twice, because of the flood attack, last year,
My session was soon after her daughter’s wedding engagement, and she saw her uncle (who was like a guardian, dint even get married for them,to bring them up… who passed away few years ago) … met in the beautiful garden in her regression, and he said, no worries this time, every thing will be ok this time !!!
After our session, everyone one teased, what could to be wrong this time??? (as they are very well off, no issues this time) … and we all just enjoyed that situation…
But see… the session was in feb . . No news of Corona anywhere around… !!
She came to me last week… said ,this time also ,her daughter s marriage postponed… because of Corona, the function was on April 2nd…
See how her uncle gave her a warning, and not to get panicked this time…!!!
I consoled her and advised, "see even after leaving us,they are there to protect and guide us " and our PLRT is that beautiful and true experience to believe :pray::pray::pray::pray::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:we all are blessed to feel and expedience that !!!
Be Blessed!:raised_hands::raised_hands:


Am amazed to know of this Jyothi, so wonderful. Thank you :pray:
I feel sorry for the family and hope they will have this function soon.

My humble experience has been that Consciousness is like a funnel, the narrow part is the conscious mind, narrow because of it being limited to the present time. While the wider part of the funnel is the past and the future. Swami Vivekananda said that the work he has done will have an impact for thousand years :blush:

So when you said on 22nd Feb that your clients didn’t go back into the past life, I kept quiet because the magic is of consciousness which the deeper or more closer to source, more is it’s footprint on the sands of time. :blush:
When we go higher and higher in a helicopter :helicopter: we can see more and more of the land :world_map:
So the deeper a client goes the more they will travel through time.
So you have the ability to regress your clients and they will surely be able to time travel. It’s an honour for me to have shared my treasure with you :pray:


Thanks for sharing this Jyothi


:star_struck: wow… I am humbled…! venu…
Thank you… for making us , more deeper and deeper into our experience.:pray::pray::pray:

I have made her understand, that “you have been blessed and protected by your uncle…very before you start getting tensed and panicked “ for getting your daughter’s marriage ceremony been postponed ( it’s her daughter s ,second marriage fixing) . so she was very calm, and said ,” this time ,I am very comfortable, and trying to follow what ever you have detailed in the group relaxation session “ To make myself comfortable and relaxed :relieved: during any confused moment .

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Such a beautiful interpretation dear Venu


Hey Jyoti, your a natural healer. Loved your group regression idea.

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Jyothi, hats off to you. You are one of those souls busy as a bee and
presenting so much of information regularly. You make us wiser all the
time. Regards,


I was trying to be unique like you🙏

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Thank you indu… its great to see your reply :star_struck:

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