Celestine Prophecy

I encourage you all to read the Series “The Celestine Prophecy” - though this is not directly related to PLR, the series tells you how the energy system works - within our body and in relation to other people. It is a fascinating series told in the manner of a suspence thriller with Peru as backdrop. Explains how with “Saadhana”, one can evolve from being to superbeing. The first book has also been made into a movie with the same name…


Hi Vidya,

Thanks for sharing !

I read this book a few years back and also got chance to the see the movie (and I must say movie fails to do the justice to the classic masterpiece this book is !).

I completely agree with you that it is a beautiful optimistic read.

I can call it as a spiritual science fiction !

However with our PLR knowledge it may well be revisiting of some distant past (Atlantis ???).

Love and light



Do we have a PDF available for the book?

I found the complete movie on Youtube, hope this is same as the book though.


Will be watching it today. Thanks to lockdown for so much of time in hand. :slight_smile:

Found the movie’s not as moving as the book. But then it may be just me, a

Anand Shrinivas Raman

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Attached a PDF I found online. I haven’t checked the content fully, but the
page numbers seem right. So check it out and let me know if it is not

(Attachment The Celestine Prophecy.pdf is missing)

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