Creating genuine smiles.. inside and out!

My love and regards to all the therapists who have secured their place on this platform. I am sure it is going to be a wonderful journey of self discovery…
My name is Dr. Ashwini Kamath, you may address me as Ash. Am a dentist by profession and have been creating smiles for over 20 years. Basically from Bengaluru but travelled all over India and finally have settled down in Bengaluru where I practice dentistry, PLR, Hypnosis full time from my clinic in Nagarbhavi.
Was always interested in the esoteric and trained under Venu’s Aquila batch of Amarantos in dec 2017. Wont be wrong if I say it was the start of a new life for me. These past 2 years have been all about finding myself, discovering my purpose of life and giving back to society. I have found many amazing people, experienced phenominal changes in myself and been witness to many many PLR sessions which I can only describe as “Goosebump inducing”. And I know my journey has just started!
I do write about my sessions in my facebook page


Wow its like a blast of energy railing in Ash! Welcome :blush:

:heartpulse:ed this line ”Goosebump inducing” resonates so much with all in the family :hugs:


Couldn’t find any other better word Venu…


The inspiration of the Himalayas harnessed by

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