Divine serendipity

Hi…I’m Asha…I am working as an Abacus teacher…not as a passion but for the love of being with the kids…my interest in PLRT accidentally started when I lost a best friend and I was searching for some clue of her presence in other realms hoping to meet her someday…that was when I got a link to dr Weiss’s books many lives many masters…I lapped up the contents of his book hungrily and sought more of such books…As a Divine serendipity, I got chosen for the Amarantos constellation batch when I flukely filled up their form online…I had my first breakthrough when I did a PLR session on my first client…My Son…The revelation was mind-boggling and the details were to the point…many such Sessions followed on different clients which revealed we were all Divine beings born for the human experience…each one of us is special…The turning point in my PLRT happened when I did a PLR on a co-patient in a hospital…she was admitted in the hospital and was supposed to be admitted for a week and was assigned an operation…but astonishingly she was on her feet 15mts later…until then her sister would assist her even to the restroom…she walked to the lab for an x-ray and instead of the wheelchair…she was discharged without the operation… So this is the power of PLR…I recently did a PLR on a 75-year-old diabetic old man who suffered from gangrene…which is usually incurable given his age and illness…he started walking from the very second session and his gangrene peeled off…now he is fit and going about his daily life without a hitch… Amarantos is one of the most beautiful things that has happened to me…I’m ever indebted to Venu who a guiding factor for all of us…


So happy to have you with us Dear Asha, whether we help one or a million, you cannot discount the healing power innate in you. You are a great therapist, the one who has been so successful with children and I feel blessed that you gave me the opportunity of sharing my treasure with you.


Dear Venu, it’s all thanks to your motivation…I could have written a book on my experiences with the PLR but have to keep the intro to the bare minimum…pls pardon the flaws if any I my little article…


You’ve written it from your heart, and its beautiful as it.
Thank you.


Wow that’s such a great achievement not only to you but to our Amarantos family… great going… Many more to come


That sounds great. I never knew it could be possible, Congrats Asha.

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Yes ,exactly…
We are all guided by a divine spirit or energy !! To lead a righteous life …
Day by Day … my group progressive relaxation session which I am conducting … a solid proof for my self :100::pray::pray:

The inspiration of the Himalayas harnessed by venz.ai

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