Geetha Vishwa's introduction

(Geetha Vishwanathan) #1

Namaste Hello
I am Geetha Love All Serve All was the way I was living when a sudden blow came in my life to reveal the truth that, where we are living is a dream and the reality is much more than what we experience. Our task is to become God-like through knowledge that Love is not what you do it’s what you ARE. My only ambition is to reach a level of consciousness such that when I look into the eyes of another I am able to see my own soul looking back at me. Through this awareness am trying to wipe out tears from maximum eyes. And Amarantos came as a boon to fulfil my ambition. I feel blessed to have joined the constellation batch and became Amarantos Trained Therapist in 2016. Since then there has been no looking back and am on the journey with my co-aspirants where we are on our way transforming lives.