Got a dream and puzzled about it. Sharing it here. Please read and share your ideas.

I was not completely asleep and at the same time I was not awake. A dream came in which a tall girl wearing salwar was talking loud to herself madly standing in front of me. She was not conscious, but blabbering something that even she doesn’t know. I was confused and a bit scared also. And then, just like we do in regression therapy, I unconsciously asked for forgiveness and then suddenly she flashed in front of me sitting on a school bench with white uniform and a notebook and pencil. I don’t even know how I asked for forgiveness. I was not intentional. She was happily smiling and looked still younger after this. This is all I could see. Not sure who she is and why she came. Puzzled to gain clarity on this experience.


The inspiration of the Himalayas harnessed by

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