Hello this is Tripti here!

This is Tripti, I am a certified counsellor from Prerana and certified Past Life Regression Therapist from Amarantos.
I always had many questions in mind regarding the things happening around me , I was very intuitive since I have started understanding things. There were instances when I used to see a dream and it would turn true, off late it was turning scary.
I had few questions related to relationships too…
Wanted resolve and heal myself.
After a long research I came across Amarantos and my dear friend Geetha Sanjay inspired me to attend this workshop.
Training was experiential, saw people coming from different professional back grounds to learn the same.
I have conducted few sessions and they have been very successful.
Very keen to wipe more tears and bring more smiles.


Welcome to the group once again Dear Tripti, super happy to have you here!

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Yes… thats the point!!! , we all are here with a prior planning by God… you are entrusted to wipe tears of atleast few people around you… !
Go…on…“guardian angel” is right above you energize and bless you on the needed time.!!!

The inspiration of the Himalayas harnessed by venz.ai

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