Hello this is Tripti here!

(Tripti Shreesh Katti) #1

This is Tripti, I am a certified counsellor from Prerana and certified Past Life Regression Therapist from Amarantos.
I always had many questions in mind regarding the things happening around me , I was very intuitive since I have started understanding things. There were instances when I used to see a dream and it would turn true, off late it was turning scary.
I had few questions related to relationships too…
Wanted resolve and heal myself.
After a long research I came across Amarantos and my dear friend Geetha Sanjay inspired me to attend this workshop.
Training was experiential, saw people coming from different professional back grounds to learn the same.
I have conducted few sessions and they have been very successful.
Very keen to wipe more tears and bring more smiles.

(Venu Murthy) #2

Welcome to the group once again Dear Tripti, super happy to have you here!

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