How To Be A World-Class Professional Past Life Regression Therapist

As Part of Amarantos Omega — 2022 Batch

The Amarantians from previous batch guiding the new batch on the following:

  • How to overcome the challenges On your journey for being a successful Past Life Regression Therapy
  • How to Get Clients
  • How to market yourself through word of mouth which is the best form of advertising.
  • How many sessions are mandatory
  • Where to start your PLR studio and design it.
  • Do you need to have experienced PLRT for your to be a successful PLR Therapist?
  • How To Avoid Counter Transference By Budding Past Life Regression Therapists
  • How to burn Karma
  • Why client’s perception is reality
  • To Be Successful Be Completely Accepting Your Clients
  • How to take care of ourself as a PLR Therapist
  • Was client’s experience in PLR true?
  • How Is PLR Therapist is always protected.
  • Doubts about what transpires in a session.


Thanks is for sharing the video :pray:.
Venu the audio isn’t clear.

Love& Light,

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