How to identify if PLR or FLP is required?

Dear Amarantos family,
While doing the session how to decide if we have to do progression for the client or only regression will be enough. Is it mandatory to do future progression on every client to identify the blocks or are there any signs that help us to identify that progression will be required to make the session effective.

I am a little confused about this .Please provide insights.

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No, Future regression is not mandatory. Bcoz future is changeable, though the client can get an insight about the consequences…he/she will face…if she chooses a particular path.
As a therapist/facilitator we have to decide it on clients needs… whether future regression is required or not.


Dear Lovina,
Glad that you have brought this up since I am confused too.


As per my understanding, we should not go for progression unless client is facing a life and death situation…
Our aim is to resolve the issues being faced by the client… Not to tell the future…
At times, progression can even add to the confusion while regression is going to provide an understanding and solution of the issues being faced by client…
Moreover… Future depends on free will of individuals…
So let the client find out the reasons and solutions through regression… As far as possible…

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Excellent question Dr. Lovina, adding to what our Amarantians have said…
One of the grandest of the experience I had today which seems to have been the impetus to reply to this question is, does the superconscious know the climax of the dream?

Progression is quite different from regression though they both harness the power of the superconscious. Let’s discuss progression in our monthly call in detail.

Thankyou dear @anuragsharma @pinaki_biswal for providing your insights on this question . Thank you Dr. @venu for considering this as discussion for the monthly call, it will be really helpful for us.

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