Is any tamil speaking PLR therapist available for a client based in Tirupur?

This is on behalf of a client who is based in Tirupur and want a offiline PLRT session in Tamil. Is there anyone who is available and can conduct the session in tamil? Please reply

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If he/she willing to come Thanjavur for PLRT sessions, ask him/her to contact me (Dr.Murugarasan.M, cell:9751216866).

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I am from Coimbatore. I have just started my practice after training.
Please let me know if the client is comfortable and also interested in
Coimbatore location.


Thank you Dr.Murugarasan. :pray: I will forward your contact details to the client.

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This is Dr Preethi Gnana from Coimbatore, practising PLR
My contact no 9943124230
mail id :
Can share my contact.

Thanks n Regards,

Dr Preethi Gnana


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