Is Ramayana real or a myth

Is Ramayana Real or a Myth. A number of groups are breaking their head for its authenticity. I don’t want to comment on this but a beautiful session was an eye opener and gave so many lessons to me and my client. Today on this Vijayadashami day I dedicate this session to our master who took the form of Rama to give us profound lessons.
This client wanted to know about emotional connect with God and why she becomes extremely emotional and starts crying even when she sings bhajans or devotional songs. Although she had other severe issues she chose this to be the theme of the session and as PLR works only the way client wants she got her answers beautifully and gave reply to the groups who want to prove the authenticity of Ramayana
The session happened in two days am just sharing the gist
What comes to your awareness
someone is sitting on a horse….and going fast ……looks like soldier……2-3 people are there……
huge bird is there……remembering jatayu….
monkey jaisa kala (like black) face is there……there is a horse……there are rakhshasi….(demoness)
saw Rama like figure……rakshasi on top of tree….a lady is lying down like Seeta….saw on owl….
The first day was vague as usual the second day usually the client gets insights and that’s what happened with this client of mine.
Whats coming to your awareness. Where are you
Some jungle……trees……lots of trees are there……monkey is there……its very dark……looks like muddy land….black colour rocks……hillocks….
Allow yourself to take a look at yourself
Faint monkey figure only……monkey is like ape….moves very fast…… looks like monkey or ape……tree is there….different shape tree……Lakshman is taking wood……monkey is sitting on a tree……its very cute….donnai kadu(big pointed ears)……its smiling….very cute….its dark its sleeping……
The client was again and again wanting to take me to herself…maybe she couldn’t believe she was monkey
again saw a monkey……monkey is simply there…… There is no hut……monkey is very sad….Ram Lakshman went…its climbing a tree….its not jumping……its sitting……it has big eyes
Took her to the place where she left her body to get more insights
monkey is getting old and its eyes are closed maybe dead, Saw Ram and Laxman with white anga vastram(a dress worn on shoulders in south india) and bow……….They have dug and put me inside….there are trees trees……monkey was also emotionally attached….towards Rama and Laxman….My emotions were for being separated from Rama and Lakshmana.
Lesson learnt : Its Ok to be emotional in devotion……Focus on the Divine and forget about others……monkey had a peaceful death no emotional separation from divine is the cause of sentimental emotions.
Cant miss a question she put to herself and answered herself during the trance.
I should have got Moksha since Lakshmana buried me and Rama touched me.
Reply : Moksha is achieved not by touch but only by deeds.


Adding to this, besides deed last thought at the time of death also absolve one from the cycle of death and birth. That is not clear to me from session breakup. At Ramayan ages, the monkey is devoted to Sri RAM, emotionally, but at the time of death what is last thought, to whom your rememberer most in your awareness during life. I am not concluding anything. There are various example of falling and getting liberation in Sri Mad Bhagavatam based on the last thought ie Bharat muni, and one king ( unable to recall his name ) whose son name was Narayana and got liberation just emotional attachment to his son and by recalling the name of his Son at the time of death.


Thank you for sharing this priceless experience Dear Geetha. Feel exhilarated reading it.

Indian scriptures call Sri Ramayana, Bhagavatam and Mahabharata as ‘Itihasa’ which translates to History and not mythology. The British called it mythology and we’ve continued the strain.

I’ve not disclosed this to anyone till now, that
During the training of Lotus batch in Dec of 2018, I was too exhausted and for the first time I requested that someone regress me and @Srini volunteered. Within a few minutes I found myself having vivid recollections of what seemed to be the Kurukshetra war as described in the Mahabharata. I was relishing it but my inner voice chastised me that I was acting selfish. While everyone was there to learn and heal themselves I was using this to my advantage and I immediately requested Srini to emerge me.

Not only has it been my experience but Sri Rama is also mentioned in the readings of our Beloved Edgar Cayce in his psychic readings on Atlantis. He used His advent in the way we use BC and AD.

READING: 364-3

In the period, then - some hundred, some ninety-eight thousand years before the entry of Ram into India - there lived in this land of Atlantis one Amilius. (Aryans into India 2000 BC = 100,000 years BC) there lived in this land of Atlantis one Amilius…



Venuji, you were definitely associated with Shri Krishna.

So far, most of whom I regressed were Saints…travelling Sanyasis. Almost everyone told me not to reveal about their experiences as most of these involved spiritual experiences. They said that these should be kept confidential.

Please allow me to share, with client’s permission, as long as I did not reveal his identity…

Someone I regressed went beyond the Ramayana period. In a thick forest that smelt and looked quite different from our forests, he met his Guru and many more Saints (clad in robes) who looked at him directly in the eye, as if they knew him. There was light in the planet that cannot be explained as it did not look like the light we see on earth. The Saints were so “bright” that it was difficult to look at them. He also mentioned that he was unable to take the “urja” energy that exuded in the place until a Saint moved towards him and said something in his ear. He felt like as if he was in space or maybe a different planet. “We need to raise our own spiritual energy to qualify to go to a higher planet like (Goloka).” He saw the Ramayana being written by Ganesha! with another Saint seated in front of Ganesha. My client was unable to see the Saint’s face.

Since after the experience, client practices meditation and prayers, 3hrs in the morning and 5hrs in the evening, followed by homam. He has become very intuitive. After he prayed for a little girl (his friend’s daughter) who had 4th stage cancer, she attended school and doctors are baffled by what may be going on as she is functioning well and in a very healthy manner whereby she is involved in sports too. Growth in her brain is smaller and she is able to walk ever since. Only his family and the Father of the child knows about this. He does not want anyone else to know about this. He says that this is his own spiritual journey and that such things should not be announced.

I am a very simple person who has her own belief system and I am not even half as intelligent as you all. Without allowing my own belief system to interfere, I would like to hear from you all. What do you think happened?


Very true Venu. This is the sad part that the British classified the history of Bharat as mythology, because they were not able to believe it. Unfortunately, we as Indians felt embarrassed to acknowledge the history. Even today unfortunately the scientists in India are not willing to look into our history. Our text books also tell us that Aryans came from Europe and pushed the original inhabitants down south, calling them Dravidians. Our scriptures state that India has been a land where people have lived for millions of years. Sad, that the agenda of the British is being delivered by our governments by not revising our history books. Our history books are written by foreigners and not Indians.
Nothing against the British - but it is sad to see how the invaders erase the local culture and books when the invade a country.


Hello Bholendraji, the main issue was that the client could not sing devotional bhajans and used to get very emotional, cry and could not sing it completely. She saw herself as a monkey in Rama period and lakshmana did antim sanskars for her in the presence of Rama. The beautiful thing to be noted is 2-3 days back I got a message from my client that after session she has given stage performance and she is eager to come back for more sessions to resolve other issues in her life. Clients relief is most important and since she could resolve her emotions I feel blessed to have been the instrument.


True Harishji its sad but true that we need approval of Britishers to authenticate our ancient culture.


Very beautiful Nishaji. Thanks for sharing felt totally enlightened


Nishaji thank you very much sharing about the inspiring life of this saint.
You are a blessed soul and hence have accomplished so much in life and yet are so humble
Do convey my pranams to him.
Being able to meditate for 8 hours in a day in itself shows how spiritually advanced he must be and I think for such a person everything is possible. I feel that with his Sadhana he was able to heal the little and the medical science should at least now kneel down in humility and acknowledge the existence of higher powers. :pray:


Will do Venuji. Miss you all and look forward to meeting you all. You are all Saints, chosen to do what you do. Would love to have your darshana.


Thank you for sharing this. It shows us what a long journey we have ahead of us. But, these experiences make the journey easy.


Thank you for this Geetha, a very nice session ended really well. Honestly i don’t have that much knowledge about Ramayana, but this was so interesting.


I still remember that story,my grandma used to narrate us… at his death time he was calling his son,Narayana Narayana…and he got moksha :pray:


Really feeling great…! . and I wonder where this PLR is leading us to?


It surely is leading us to our true self the unperishable self the real spiritual being!


It is ajamila moksha ! Named his son… Narayan …! Which helped him to get a peaceful death !

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