Jyotismita from Spiro batch

Hello dear Amarntians.
I am Jyotismita, I am from splendid Spiro team. I started my career as a media professional but soon came to know about the reality behind those shining bright lights and it pushed me to leave that industry and pursue MBA. Eventually ,the corporate life as a HR Manager started.But those 10 years of corporate job life was devoid of any inner satisfaction. I always felt like my soul is looking for something else.
Following that , there were some jolting experiences in my life which took a toll on my physical and mental health. Initially, few good books and meditation helped me to gain insight about the problems. But it was like scratching the surface. Significantly, one day I came to know about Dr. Brian Weiss and his work"Many lives, many master". It was until then PLRT was a term I was not at all familiar with.I can say now that it was the turning point of my journey towards the path of spirituality. I started collecting more information about PLRT and undoubtedly , it changed my whole perspective about living and life. And I believe its a divine cosmic connection that I came to know about Amarantos and to my utter surprise I got selected for the PLRT training program. Now I proudly can say that I am a part of this wonderful team. Certainly ,blessed to have a teacher and guide like Venu who always motivate and inspire us to do better.
Here is the link to my Facebook page. Love to hear your feedback and suggestions.



Welcome to the forum and wishing all success with PLR , it truly is an unbelievable modality and one can do wonders through it . never limit yourself .


Not team! You are back to your family.
Welcome Jyoti, everyone here is as amazing as you and don’t hesitate sharing ! :bouquet:

Thank you Venu from the core of my heart. It is a blessing to me that i am a part of this beautiful family today.

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Thank you Brinda. Yes , I completely agree with you.PLRT truely is an incredible thing. Looking forward to learning from you all and i love reading your posts.


Welcome dear Jyotismita…Shine your light…This is a close-knit wonderful family , I thank my stars for my time now and here.
The very best to you.


Many thanks Dr. Vandana. It’s a blessing on me to connect with you all through this forum.

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