Learn the art of saying NO

“Mam I have a peculiar issue, I cannot say No to my friends, never, never ever am I able to say No. I feel so guilty if ever I force myself to refuse what they want me to do and due to this I generally land in severe problems or debts. My friends…

Amarantos learn the art of saying no


As always , such beautiful session !
You are blessing for all of us
Thanks mam


Aww thank you so much Ram means a lot!

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So clear, the client got the answers so beautifully…
I am always amazed at how the client picks the appropriate memories out of thousands of them! Great session Geetha.


Thank you mam :pray: :pray:

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Way to go Geetha!
This is perseverance and You are our Amarantos family’s prodigal therapist :pray:
I love the domain name! Very well thought out.

The inspiration of the Himalayas harnessed by venz.ai

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