Liver Cleanse (Master Cleanse)

> Gallstone removal surgery can cost from 1 Lakh to 3 and not to mention the side effects!
I hope that reading this experience will save you (preventive) and your loved ones from incurring this.

On my way back from the Himalayas I had met @Sachin_R of our Lotus batch in Rishikesh. There are no words to describe his love and hospitality. Ever indebted to him…

He was very enthusiastic about a cleanse he had been through and I could sense the conviction in his voice and wanted to try it out.

Call it my credulousness or my adventurous nature to try out everything that is “unconventional”. Finally, after 2 years this aspiration germinated and, I was finally able to accomplish this cleanse and wanted to share it with you.

This is in continuation of the journey Neha set me on last month where she conducted a 7 days intensive Weight-Loss program for a closed group in which people lost up to a kilogram a day!

Our learnings through this program was that:-

  1. We do not have to depend upon our tongue (sensations) for happiness.
  2. We might actually be eating chaos!
  3. The very food that nourishes us can be hurting us if we do not control its intake.

Anyway back to Sachin Bhai’s cleanse, I chose to do this on an Ekadashi day which is anyway a “Upavasa” day.

Something amazing happens on this day. Now, this is my own experience that the mind and body can nourish themselves from the moon. (I know the engineer within me is also feels that this statement is ridiculous.) Maybe the Yogi’s of yore observed this phenomenon and earmarked this day. Give it a try, fast on the next Ekadashi day and meditate, I am certain that you will also relish the high!

Prior to the day of the cleanse, procure the following:-

  1. Epsom salt - 80g. (better in 20g packets)
  2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250ml
  3. Sweet Lime (mosambi) - 3kg

In the words of the Master of this subject, Below is what Sachin had shared with me.

Diet and doses routine for liver cleanse
Day 1 - light food in the evening/dinner such as moong khichdi etc.
Day 2- fruit diet from morning till 1400 hrs. Complete fasting from 1400 onwards. There are no restrictions on the intake of water.
1800 hrs - Dose 1. (20 GM Epsom salt with 200 ml plain water). Restrain yourself at home after1800 hrs. Try to gulp the dose in one go otherwise it may feel irritating especially with taste conscious people.

2000 hrs - Dose 2. (20 GM Epsom salt with 200 ml plain water).

Uneasiness, dizziness, restlessness will be felt as artificial diarrhea will be created in the body. Normally motion will be experienced after the second dose. Try to restrict yourself to home. Even if vomiting is there, it is expected with some people.

2200 hrs - Dose 3 . 175 ml extra virgin olive oil with the same quantity of mausambi/orange juice. Lie down on your right for half an hour with a high pillow.

Day 3- 0600 hrs. Dose 4. 20 GM Epsom salt with 200 ml plain water.

0800 hrs - Dose 5 . 75 ml extra virgin olive oil with the same quantity of mausambi/orange juice. Lie down on your right for half an hour with a high pillow.

Usually after this dose of 0800 hrs, the cleaning will begin and it may be earlier or a bit later. What comes out must be observed before flushing out. And this is not poo in any case, but sometimes people are adamant about calling it so.

1000 hrs-Dose 6/last dose- 20 GM Epsom salt with 200 ml plain water.

Try to stay the full day at home as on this day as body is dehydrated. From 1100 hrs commence eating fruits, juice, salad, lime water with salt to regain the balance. Avoid eating heavy food this day as the body has completely overhauled and requires time to assimilate heavy food. Evening you can have khichdi or other light food.
That is the all. :blush:

I have tried it and though the Epsom salt is a bit bitter, we can experience some tiredness but it feels great at the end and I want to thank Sachin for introducing me to this wonderful cleanse.

In case you too would like to give it a try you can refer this book,

You can download the complete book on this by Dr. Piyush Saxena and read it before trying this out.
Please read from pages 72 to 102.

One of the best FAQ in this book resonated very deeply and got me started.

  1. Your therapy does not seem to have any scientific studies backing the promised results. How can you convince me that this is not quackery, but a genuine therapy?

Most alternative therapies do not have the luxury of having money spent on them, by way of marketing and advertising. We are wasting our precious health and time if we wait for universities and pharmaceutical companies to back these inexpensive procedures. This runs against their multi-billion dollar profit policies and they will strive to prevent the spread of such information. I suggest trusting your instincts and getting some basic knowledge of anatomy, chemistry and physiology, and applying some logic, common sense and will to understand the process behind our Cleansing Therapy.

Do reply to this email if you know of any such awesome cleanse. Do also feel free to ask Sachin or me in the comments below if you have any apprehensions, doubts, or saying, “You are crazy!” :slight_smile:
(BTW the body also weighs 2 kgs lighter! )


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