Mastermind Pastlife Regression Therapy


At last I’ve found my way to enter into this forum. Thank you venu.
My experience with the PLRT ensures our Master’s (Chariji- Third Global guide of Heartfulness meditation Hierarchy) saying…“We should uplift the souls encountering us”. Thank you one and all who are in the journey of not only healing the suffering but also elevating their level of consciousness.

I am M.Ramachandran, Basically a Homeopathic Practitioner handling the patients with mind symptoms only, a teacher, Psychologist, and now Amarantos certified PLR Therapist.
I am an international Therapist and Healer; I am based in Salem, Tamil Nadu, India and provide services around the globe. Below is a brief regarding my services.

· Completed successful Age Regressions (Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression therapy) and Future Life Progression therapy sessions SPIRIT releasement therapy, SPIRITUAL healing, LIFE BETWEEN LIFE THERAPY etc…

· Success Rate of 100% in the first therapy session to induce hypnotic trance state and for successful therapy.

· No prior preparation needed for the Regression, Progression, Hypnotherapy.

· Very focused sessions, one session equivalent to 2-3 normal sessions.

· Wonderful spiritual experiences, as per your condition, and deep healing using most advanced spiritual methods.

I bring the most advanced and international tools used in Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Spiritual Regression, Future Life Progression, spirit release, Intuition expertise, Psychic revelations, Spiritual attunement, and 100’s of other Spiritual tools associated with healing modalities, inner child work etc…).

As a Spiritual Healer of highest standards, I use all tools in various combinations as per your requirement, as no two individuals are same so we can never use the same techniques.

All thanks and prayers to my respected teachers who helped me on this path, and enabled me to master the most advanced tools and healing methods available in the world now, in every field mentioned.

For your sessions call me on +919952106467 or mail

Please try to listen and experience the effect of a guided Past Life Regression therapy session in Tamil.