My tryst with destiny a.k.a. Amarantos

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About me
My name is Murali. I am an engineer by qualification that graduated in 1994. I am the only child to my parents, born in Puttur and brought up in Mysore. I am married for 19 years and have a 14 year old son.

I usually conduct Past Life Regression sessions on weekends. When not engaged with PLRT on weekends, I enjoy various other activities like Career Development Facilitation, driving/riding my car/bike, photography, watching movies, reading books and, spending time with family and friends.

What got me inspired to train myself as a PLR therapist and pursue it?
The answer is simple - life presented to me a series of situations from my childhood that had only “Yes or Yes” choices ultimately leading me to Venu’s first PLRT workshop in Aug 2016 :slightly_smiling_face: As a result of participating in Landmark Curriculum for Life and Leaders Academy programs, by mid 2014 not only did I have a multi-fold increase in efficiency/effectiveness and happiness in all areas of life, I also realized that I was allowing irrational fears run my life. No amount of logical reasoning got me the answers to why I was letting irrational fears run my life. In the two PLR sessions of Apr 2015, I got insights into my behavioral patterns that I was previously not aware of consciously. With the new-found awareness, I could choose role changes at work bringing higher levels of peace of mind and happiness in the family. This led me to thoughts of “What if I could make the same difference to others?” and there was no looking back when @venu and @Neha informed me about first PLRT workshop.

At the workshop
It is best heard from my batch mates :slightly_smiling_face:

What have I done after PLRT workshop?
I conduct PLR sessions on weekends and over the last three years, I have met wonderful people from all walks of life - that are spiritually and materially accomplished; that are caring; that are mature; that I can bank on any time for their wisdom and guidance. PLRT practice has led me to train myself as a Career Development Facilitator to work with student community and help them choose careers suitable for their personality profile, strengths, abilities, etc. What more can I ask for?

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What an inspiring life Beloved Murali!
Very happy to have you on this platform. Thank you. :pray:

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