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About me
My name is Murali. I am an engineer by qualification that graduated in 1994. I am the only child to my parents, born in Puttur and brought up in Mysore. I am married for 19 years and have a 14 year old son.

I usually conduct Past Life Regression sessions on weekends. When not engaged with PLRT on weekends, I enjoy various other activities like Career Development Facilitation, driving/riding my car/bike, photography, watching movies, reading books and, spending time with family and friends.

What got me inspired to train myself as a PLR therapist and pursue it?
The answer is simple - life presented to me a series of situations from my childhood that had only “Yes or Yes” choices ultimately leading me to Venu’s first PLRT workshop in Aug 2016 :slightly_smiling_face: As a result of participating in Landmark Curriculum for Life and Leaders Academy programs, by mid 2014 not only did I have a multi-fold increase in efficiency/effectiveness and happiness in all areas of life, I also realized that I was allowing irrational fears run my life. No amount of logical reasoning got me the answers to why I was letting irrational fears run my life. In the two PLR sessions of Apr 2015, I got insights into my behavioral patterns that I was previously not aware of consciously. With the new-found awareness, I could choose role changes at work bringing higher levels of peace of mind and happiness in the family. This led me to thoughts of “What if I could make the same difference to others?” and there was no looking back when @venu and @Neha informed me about first PLRT workshop.

At the workshop
It is best heard from my batch mates :slightly_smiling_face:

What have I done after PLRT workshop?
I conduct PLR sessions on weekends and over the last three years, I have met wonderful people from all walks of life - that are spiritually and materially accomplished; that are caring; that are mature; that I can bank on any time for their wisdom and guidance.

PLRT practice then led me to train myself as a Career Development Facilitator to work with student community and help them choose careers suitable for their personality profile, strengths, abilities, etc.

It is now leading me towards learning, training and developing skill sets for investing / trading in stocks in a safe, secure and ethical manner.

With all this, both the needs of giving back to society (PLRT and CDF sessions) and taking care of my financial needs (investment/trading) are taken care of. What more can I ask for?


What an inspiring life Beloved Murali!
Very happy to have you on this platform. Thank you. :pray:


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