Need client for case studies

Hi ! I am from a city named JHARSUGUDA, in ODISHA.
I am a fresher in PLRT ,so need to get few clients to go for my case studies .
If anyone can help me out , please reach me in 8777458323.


Yes I can help up mam


Please contact me in 8777458323, then we can discuss further.

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Can you help me with the client questionnaire form and the Google form where we have to post our case studies. It will be very kind of you if you can whatsapp(8777458323)/mail me (

U can contact me on 8493870936

Hi Reshmi, Hope you are doing good :blush: Please let us know if you still need help with the Client Questionnaire form and the Google Form. My contact No. is 9901628450. Thank You.

I got it from Spiro and omega batch. ThankS a ton to them.

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