New induction: Going down the Stream

As PLR therapists we have a need to be creative and agile about our sessions. [on the feet at all time! for our Beloved clients]

When the client is claustrophobic but not hydro phobic then we could devise an induction in the lines of. Imagine yourself going down a beautiful stream a very shallow one, in comfortable boat, following the beautiful garden…. just flowing down gently without having to row.
As you slide down … relaxing feeling the beautiful water taking you down the stream. And maybe just a little far away you notice the outline of someone.
A person You haven’t met in quite sometime or a long long time. Let the form get clearer as the boat is taking you down to meet this person. getting clearer as you go down the stream…
10 …. 9 …. 8 … 7 maybe you are able to see him more and more clearly….
Going down the stream

Let me know how else you’d like to improvise upon this and would love to know if someone gave this a try …

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The inspiration of the Himalayas harnessed by

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