Quest of Life - In Search of Meaning

(Sqn Ldr Anurag Sharma) #1

I am Sqn Ldr Anurag Sharma, served in Indian Air Force for 11 years. After that joined a PSU Bank as Security Officer.

I was always keen to know the true purpose of my being and in the quest of life, I came across the platform of Past Life Regression Therapy.

Wanted to explore the unexplored, so went on to become a therapist.

Now helping others to resolve their problems and helping them to find their purpose.

By this way giving my contribution in making the World a Better Place.

(Venu Murthy) #2

We are so happy you are with us here on this journey Dear Anurag!
Excellent work with your sessions, I am just amazed going through your clients’ feedback!

(Sqn Ldr Anurag Sharma) #3

Thanks Venu, let the pleasure be mine…:slightly_smiling_face:

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(Geetha Vishwanathan) #6

Thank you sir you are an inspiration