Sleep Paralysis & difficulty in PLR

I had a client who had sleep paralysis in her childhood with hallucinations, which she believes was an entity trying to harm her. She has the subconscious fear of going into that “in-between” state.

Although she denies any kind of fear but I could see that she avoids deep relaxing meditations & also relaxing in a PLR because of this. I had an extensive talk to her about this, about fears, assured her it’ll be safe, but she still cannot relax adequately.

Any suggestions on this would be helpful. Thank you.

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reluctance here could be to the interference from entity. @Ankit_Sharma can you share the tape for SRT so that Rio can pass it onto the client and if the client reports success, then we can take this forward.
Else Dr Rio, you might have to start with SRT in-person.

Hi, the chapter on Sexual Abuse in Dr. Brian Weiss’s ‘Through time into
Healing’ has some suggestions on this topic.

warm regards

Could u plz share SRT tape .

Has the SRT tape been shared?
I’m keen to see/hear it.

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