Soul Contract moving across Lifetimes

My understanding on Soul Contracts is that we choose lessons to be learned in our next earthly life and we make soul contracts with certain souls to help us in learning these lessons.
Can a PLR Therapist lead/ guide the client to understand/ work on a soul contract from another lifetime living itself out still in this lifetime which needs to be moved on from possibly because the lesson has already been learned in that lifetime and it is moving on lifetimes and causing the person his/her freedom or becoming stuck? Any experience/ insights on is appreciated and welcome. Thank you so much!


Hi Anu!

This is an interesting question to be pondered upon. However, my understanding & experience hold that a soul contract is chosen only when the choice of learning is made. Please recall the concept of “repeating cycles” - if the learning is not complete, the cycle will repeat across various souls. Therefore, my opinion is that if the soul contract exists, perhaps it has more lessons to offer / support further learning. Hence, in this case, the therapist could play a key role in bringing up a different perspective towards the soul contract/ tie & help the client understand or figure out the missing part.


can you face your question or give an example?

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I am sorry, I did not get your comment here? Can you please elaborate?

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can you rephrase your question or give some context along with your

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Hi Bhavani,
Thank you for responding.
If I were to create a context, here it is…
So, from what I have been reading on soul contacts and soul ties, a promise has been made by two earthly beings in some lifetime. Let’s assume that one earthly being says: “I will protect you forever!”
It seems like a very simple statement but if one were to assume that every cell in the body believes in this statement, what happens when the two earthly beings reincarnate many times over and there comes a point when actually the soul contract has outlived its purpose. (this possibly may manifest as an abuse, where the one who has promised to protect due to the soul contract continues but wields power to do the same as the other being doesn’t need it anymore).
As a therapist, let’s further assume that he/she encounters this during a PLR session in the disidentification phase.
My question:

  1. Has anyone in the beautiful Amarantos family had an experience with any client on this?
  2. Do we as a therapist just navigate so that their unconscious decide when and how and if that soul contract must be broken?
  3. What if the client knows that person in this lifetime and still chooses to keep the soul contract from a past lifetime alive?

I do have a gauging that the unconscious will always choose what is meant for the client…
But I have posed this question to hear more from each of you on Soul contracts.

Thank you and I hope the context seems clearer now. Looking forward to more insights on this…
Love and Light,

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