Taking claustrophobic client till door

One of my client is claustrophobic, he is very comfortable till garden, the moment tunnel or staircase comes he become uncomfortable… how to take him till door (as lift, tunnel, staircase is not comfortable for him)

Hi Ruchi ,
You could try gateways which lead to other gardens in other lifetimes, out
of this garden instead of doors in a tunnel or steps on the stairways.
Regards ,

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Hi. Walk him over a golden bridge full of light. You can say bridge is behind the large tree in the garden. Or Dolores Cannon technique of sitting on a super soft cloud( safe…etc u must add ,to assure him) flying over the sky… And on count of 5 to 1 it settles on a safe place where the answer to his problem lies or a path that takes him to that particular past life where his theme is based. Use your imagination as much as possible. One of our seniors told us she uses a metro train where the client is seated and it stops at that station where that life Is situated ( diff stations= diff past lives). I hope this helps you Ruchi.
Love Seema.


Thanks for the reply… will try this

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Thank you so much… it’s very helpful

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very good question Dear Ruchi,
Post Stage 6 if you are sure that the client is claustrophobic but not hydrophobic, and is Kinaesthetic we can also use the visualisation which I seem to have developed this weekend.
“A shallow stream in the garden flowing down gently.
getting comfortable in a tiny little boat which is completely safe
As I count from 10 to 1, may be at the count of 1 allow the boat to take you closer to the person you wish to meet…(as I was working towards closure)”…

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