Therapy for my eyes - macular degeneration

With the kind suggestion and guidance of our beloved Venuji, i am writing this, particularly to Geetaji and Harishji, whose regression work I hold in high esteem, to try and find a cure for my eyes afflicted with macular degeneration.

This is a degenerative disease for which there seems to be no cure in English medicine, but am very hopeful for a solution through PLRT. Therefore, I appeal to Geetaji and Harishji to do something for this and guide me.

I am waiting eagerly to hear on this.

Warm regards,

GS Batch

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Yes sure harish… you will surely get a answer by getting 100% cured by the support of our PLRT…
Or even try a personal session with our beloved venu. Were no question is being unanswered in his blessed sessions :100: :palms_up_together:…spread your hands to receive the blessing of PLRT :innocent:

Thank you so much Haresh for having confidence in me. You may kindly come over for a session thats the only solution I understand can cure you/get you relief. anyway will get back after doing little homework on what this macular degeneration is. Regds take care.


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