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Dear Ananda,

Thank you for sharing this, I went through the video and the following I found to be the key points :

  1. Its a non verbal communication loop between therapist and client.
  2. Based on Ericksonian model.
  3. T and C has to **work together to create the hypnotic trance.
  4. The above functional relationship has to be clearly and correctly stablished by the T with the client before commencement of trance induction.
  5. Education of client during induction process and utilizing the Behaviour Response from client, to proceed further in the session, are vital.
  6. Above conditions (4 and 5) immensely enhances the success of getting client into trance.

Would also like to happily mention that in my humble understanding, the above all gets auto included and implemented if we follow the AMARANTOS 15 stages in letter and spirit.

All kudos to our Beloved Guru Dr Venu :pray: :pray:

Thank you so much for the informative share. :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:

:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:

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15 Stage process is mandatory and very critical.

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Thanks for having conducted this session and sharing it with us my blessed @anand
Further to what beloved @Monesh_Bathre and I had shared earlier

Did you mean K?

wow, you won a lottery!

its not 15 steps.

Wondering if it’s client’s or your session? Let go, you are not in control

What is this?

wondering how you know he had a wife if this a past life that surfaced?

and when someone says I’m lying on the floor as dead body, what would be an appropriate question instead of wanting to know their name?

Isn’t this part of the resolutions done at the D of IDT?


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