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Sharing a link which I feel might help therapists.

Answer to Why didn’t past life regression work on me? I chose a therapist from the Michael Newton Institute, and they said I’m the 2D person in their practice that couldn’t be put in a deep trance. by Richard Martini https://www.quora.com/Why-didn-t-past-life-regression-work-on-me-I-chose-a-therapist-from-the-Michael-Newton-Institute-and-they-said-I-m-the-2D-person-in-their-practice-that-couldn-t-be-put-in-a-deep-trance/answer/Richard-Martini-1?ch=3&share=3a8ae851&srid=C7BrT


@mkmllblr, thanks for sharing the note. I had few cases where the clients were unable to visit their past life. The note in the link shared by you will definitely help. Thank you once again.

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That was a truly helpful post. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing !
It was useful read !

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