Vandana's Introduction

Dr Vandana here, a Bengaluru based family physician.

I am an ardent believer in the intrinsic knowledge of the body to repair, regenerate and restore health. Despite having had a fulfilling career spanning four decades , facilitating wellness in my patients through integrating the
advantages of modern medicine with the wisdom of age old systems of natural healing, I realised there was something more.
My quest for deeper healing of those unhealed parts in us not reachable through customary treatment modules, led me to PLRT. Through his books and meditations, Dr Brian Weiss became my divinely guided teacher and beloved Venu, my guide now. I belong to the GS batch.

I am also an internationally certified leader in the Heal Your Life workshop series and a reiki master.

My mission is to inspire people to live their lives blissfully by connecting them to
their innermost core of divine wisdom, joy, love and peace.


Wow this is amazing welcome Vandu

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Welcome Dr. Vandana to the Amarantian family

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Most welcome Dr… !!
our first experience of PLRT was through you Dr!


Hi Jyothi…You have been posting some wonderful stuff!

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Venu my Guru, shath shath pranams.Gratitude from the bottom of my heart for what you did to me.
Love you.

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Thanks Geetha…
I love going through your submissions.


You are such a divine soul and have served so many for 42years as a sincere doctor. It was an honour to’ve conducted your session. I healed so much :pray:


Welcome Vandana. I am quite impressed with your credentials. I am sure PLRT will help you greatly in your endeavor of ‘wiping tears of your clients’.
Do keep us advised about your successes. it will inspire all of us.


Thanks so much Arvind…Blessed to be a part of this beautiful community.

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