Various induction and deepening techniques

Dear Amarantians,

Please share your experiences regarding the various induction techniques to relax difficult clients.

Thank you



Thank you for brining up such an edifying topic Dear @RAM-PLRTHERAPIST

Like I always say, “Dave Elman” is my favourite induction technique and it has been infallible for me. Now the trick to this induction technique is that novices rush through it and finish it in less than 5 minutes. But as we know inductions are based on the principle of BRV (Breathing-Relaxation-Visualisation) and are primarily to slow the conscious mind by relaxation. Hence when suggestions are paced with the client’s breath it takes a minimum of 25mins to complete this induction.

Post this we can pyramid other induction techniques like “Progressive Relaxation,” “ball of light” and etc depending upon the client’s hypnotisability score.


Now my confidence shoot up.

Thanks Venu. Someone please explain in detail about “pacing suggestions with client’s breath”

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