What are our questions/doubts?

In a recent session one of my clients met with Maharshi Apara, and then i communicated with him. Took his blessings. As this was unexpected, initially i was thinking what to ask. Then I received answers for my doubts. I could have gathered more information. So, what are our questions/doubts. If we all share our questions/doubts here next time when any of our client meets any master, we can seek answers/guidance from them ?


Great Navin. You are blessed soul as you could connect with such an high soul. I would like to know how to know the lesson which we have to learn in this life. I am still sturggling regarding how to get this answer.


Hi Navin, you are really blessed and it’s wonderful you get to connect with our Gurus. I have a question related to this and probably you or my Amarantos family can help me on this.

With all due respect to our Masters, Gurus, and Divine power, I have a doubt that I am not entirely sure how to express, but I will attempt to do so. I have encountered several cases, either within Amarantos itself or elsewhere, during the LBL stage, individuals manage to connect with their Masters. What I wish to inquire about is:

What happens if I am unaware of the identity of the entity I have connected with? I feel uneasy admitting this and have no intention of causing any discomfort, but rather, it is a genuine question for my own understanding. For instance, based on the picture shared, I can only recognize four of them. What should I do if I establish a connection with one of our Masters during the LBL stage, but I am unable to recognize them?"


Very nice naveen sir. This is the beauty of Past life regression therapy
that one can reach to the higher wisdom and meet masters. As I have
exprienced it myself… And I was totally shocked first but then got very
very happy and peacefull


Thanks for asking and I understand Jasmit that you’d like to know more about the Master who graced us and treasure these golden memories.

The way I act as soon as the client connects with the Masters is that, I become a dog at their door and just wait like one. No interference until summoned and hence I “know” the presence of the Master and their signature but never certain but the client will know or what is the need to know as "Rose by any other name!"

PS: The sages have worked diligently all their life to transcend the limitations of name and form and hence most of the times do not wish to be none and like to remain unknown!
Hope you went through this recent post. Amarantos Atlantis Demo Case


Dear Venu,

I sincerely appreciate your thoughtful response and the insights you shared. Your perspective has provided me with a clearer understanding of the connection with the Masters and the significance of the experience. Thank you, I am really grateful for your guidance.

Respected sir and Madam and My dear Amarantos family. I have one question
in my mind from 2, 3 days I.e. I did therapy for one Mam.
2. And her history was that she had lost her parents both . She is having
two brothers … And from 15 yrs she is married but her relationship with
her inlaws specially mother in law was not good
3. She was not having child from I think 5 yrs because due to her ectopic
pregnancy she lost her baby
4. She is working in a school and doing tuitions. Her financial condition
is not good. Because during corona time her husband loose his business.
5. Now she had one baby girl by the grace of devi MA
6. She comes to our home to teach my sister’s daughter. Accidentally I did
regression for her.
7. Sir my confusion is that I did all the things for her like relaxation,
ball of light, stairs, garden and then after tunnel of light.
8. But when I ask her to open the gate she saw darkness. Then I told her
that go beyond this darkness and Try to see herself…
9. But when she saw herself she didn’t reach in past but she described all
her present life, when her parents were alive… she saw herself as a
little girl when she was 6 yrs old, her current life parents, her home, her
frnds ,her brothers how they love her as a sister and everything she shared
with me in her regression state.
10. She saw her marriage, her abortion, and all things of present life
Sir my confusion is that as client can see her whole present life in
So after that I bring her back In the garden and ask her to relax and
slowly open your eyes…
Then at last I told her that in whole regression process you were only
talking about your parents…

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Respected family members some times when I do regression for some of my frnds i Don’t get much success. Specially when I do for male members. It remains incomplete and my task is not completed. As I do progressive relaxation then ball of light then stairs then garden and then I ask to open the gate they get some flashes but can not see their purpose of that lifetime. Why that.

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Dr Brain weiss says that all institutions seems to be close-minded. Individuals who never question their assumption and belief are similarly close-minded. How they can assimilate new knowledge when mind are blind. So knowledge can flow into minds that are open. So a role of guru, teacher is to open the close mind and fill it with huge amount of knowledge. So for me Venu sir Neha mam u are my guru that had helped me to open my mind and see the real aspect of life, past life by giving me knowledge regarding PLRT. I Don’t know much English. So In a very few words I wish you a happy teachers day. May your knowledge fill all gaps in our and coming batches mind. Thanking you for everything :pray:

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@Meenu_Pandita their might be many reasons for not able to see their purpose of that life. When someone can’t visualize then ask them to concentrate on other senses. Thoughts also very important. Repeat saying this to your client, “Whatever comes let it come. No need to judge anything”. I believe, purpose of life can’t be visualized. It can be expressed by thoughts. I understand, the lessons learnt from that life is nothing but the purpose of that life. You ask them, what did you lean from that life, instead of what was your life’s purpose of that life.

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Thanku sir yes definitely :pray: it will be the reason and before gods will nothing is possible

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