Why there is so much hard ship in life

Today i finished my third session of PLR with someone CLIENT M

here is the script for the same …

Session 3

Ss : Ssumier

Client M

Issue :

Why so much hardship and struggle in life from childhood , even for getting 10 Rs from his parents there was a struggle and till now to survive and get a job also struggle.

Lack of confidence and image conscious , can not speak for himself can easily be suppressed.

there were more issues but we prefered to stick to these …

the pain level of these issue was 10/10

and 7/10 respectively which bothers him a lot …

Hypnosis score 7 Yes /10

Assessment :

A 5



Eye Score : 1

SS: i started with relaxing technique followed by asking him to visualise ball of light to which he replied

M:Blue or purple

M: Very Bright light

SS: followed by I started Elman;s way and asked him to imagine the staircase…

from stair case i asked him to imagine a garden but instead he entered a life time directly :-

M: Stair case

M: Garden : white House like a mansion ,

he was a Women wearing bronze tight fitted royal clothes , short hair ,

He was Relaxed and alone…

he could not see anyone there but could see a Driveway ,

Ss: i asked him to walk on that drive way ,where i also asked him to see his feet what was he wearing to which he replies

M: Feet peeptoes ( frankly i didnt know what they were , some kind of shoes for ladies i guess) he seemed relaxed .

SS: i asked him to look around and tell me what he sees he replies

M: stuck in same place

M : now i see Iron gate : entrance of the gate , White mansion :

Empty house with furniture

SS: i asked him to enter that gate and tell me what he sees and how old is he

M: Age early 30’s , he sees his house helper cook , 40’s bald with moustache

SS: i asked him to Goto next Significant

M: Back side of the house starring balcony , garden on both the side

SS: What year to time it can be and what do you see now ?

M: 1879 year …. Alone in the house

M : Wearing White dress , two small child , both are son

Running towards you with smiling face.

SS: Can you recognise them ? are they familiar ? remember eyes is way to their soul if you know them from current life ?

M : Black eyes , nothing else can not recognise and we are Rich

SS: what’s the state of your mind how do you feel

M: No reply

Ss: lets goto the time when you were young at the count of 3 allow your mind to go that moment of your life …

M: Kid running around the house

6 yrs old

I see my mother she is wearing beautiful dress

No recall of mother … I see father but not clear

Few more kids In the house

Playing ……

SS: let go to the next significant moment of that life , allow yourself to go 20 yrs further …

M : I see an old house , brown wood but this is different me

Ss: so he entered another life instead of the same

Different life

SS: what is i happening there? how old are you ?

M: Must be in teens : scary place animal is going to attack you

He is now a boy there … 8 , 9 years black , he steps back he is scared of that animal

SS: do not get scared its only your past ask for the help from your angles

M: Agles have put me here

Open the door and sees greenery , animal is now trapped …

SS: what are you wearing

Big trees , shoes … t shirt and dungaree

SS: Lets goto to signifincant moment of this Life :{here i specifically said this Life so that he does not go into another} at a count of 3

Next moment in same life ….

M: Mountain : angels are flying him to the place ……

SS: How do you feel now ……?

Smiling at angles

Big Birds flying around …

6 - 7 years. Not happy

No family around …

Find a place to sit …he is not happy flying

Rock mountains looking down pretty deap


SS: Goto end time of this life

Old man old clothes

Rock mountain

No shower

Dirty and old

End of the life ….

SS: What have you done to deserve this life ?

Nothing seens

Not happy

SS: how do you feel now ? what are you thinking ?

This is the end , end of my life

All gone … no family

Black eye color

in between many times i asked him to go to next significant moment everytime he was in those mountains and no one around

SS: Come out of this body and tell me what do you see

Not happy to see my condition

SS: what message do you get from this life

Turn around move forwards hoping for nice life

Alone , message from the life you take ….

Don’t say quite …

what happen that we remain quiet

M: No answer

SS: Look around and see is there anyone there to take you …?

M: He cries : mom (deceased ) of this life comes to take her

Smilling and holding hands and says lets go ….

Ss: follow your mother

Different life : he enters different life all of a sudden

Relaxed young happy boy a lot of kids around ….Boy

T shirt n jeans :

Brother and sister …. Same brother sister of current life

Both are smiling

No dad around : but brother sister are welcoming me

Ss: Welcome you for what ?

M: from previous life …. previous life

SS: How old are you ?

M : same as now 36

SS: what else do you see?

M : No reply stuck there all blank

Wants to come back and now

S: Ask your angles to help you to go back to the garden from where you started …

in the same garden

SS: How do you feel ?

M: …. Mansion same lady and back in the same garden

SS: what message do you have for yourself?

Surround your self with people

Other wise you will be alone ……

Ss: look for the staircase you saw before and walk back

: M He sees a man : think his husband no recognition

we dont share good relation

and he comes back to current time…

in this 2 hours of session he saw 3 life times but nothing concrete that i can talk about …


The inspiration of the Himalayas harnessed by venz.ai

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