Few quotes that defines my journey into Spirituality.

(Dipti Amarantos) #1

Hi my amazing Amarantians. Recently wrote few quotes that resembles my journey into spirituality. Just few simple ones. Let me know if anyone connects to it.

“You are your own guru”

"Signs from the Universe are your intuitions.’’

“Happiness is the treasure of your being, it’s you who have to hunt it”

"The best solutions you will receive is from your own self’

“Listening is an art, which comes with lot of patience”

“Nature is a healing Universe”

“Calmness is like a blowing breeze, buckle up and catch a breeze”

“Love is treating yourself with joyful moments”

“Love is saying I Love You to the person in the mirror”

“Healing is your own free will”

“Moon get its light from the sun, you get your light from your higher self”

"Listen to your heartbeat carefully, it’s the reason of your physical existence…Be grateful !

“When you experience hate you realise the importance of love”

“Body is the struggler and soul is its healer”

“Its okay to take time to heal”

(Venu Murthy) #2

Thank you for sharing these priceless treasures. This one chimes with the scriptures and my humble experience.

(Dipti Amarantos) #3

Thank you Venu. Means a lot for me.

(Dr Nisha Rani Sharma) #4

Living life consciously and yet not being concerned about the subconscious or unknown is living life fearlessly. Being aware that “Someone” travels with you all the time as He/She lives within you and understanding that He/She is you and you are Him/Her is living spiritually. Looking within is getting in touch with the Divine. So who are you? When you look into the mirror, see the Divine as He/She lives within you. Knowing that you are limitless and as such can converse even with flies, bees and animals. The Cosmos is within you the Universe is within you and you are as vast as the sky itself. Krishna speaks to us…just try to listen. We need to know how to listen. We need to know how to see and understand. We need to use the internal eyes so that what we see before us is not misunderstood. Life is a Gift from God. How we use life is a Gift to Him.

(Dipti Amarantos) #5

Hy Dr. Nisha, beautifully written. Thank you for the amazing insights.