Finding the root cause

Name : SN
Age : 42 years
Sex : Male
Pretalk : 30 minutes
Session : 1 hour 20 minutes

Client Assessment :
Hypnosis responsiveness score : 8/10
Dominant sense : Auditory : 6, Visual : 9, Kinesthetic: 0
Eye roll test score : 2
Pain assessment before the session : 8/10
Theme of the session :
Finding the roots of cause for :

  1. Not settling in one place, have been roaming places.
  2. Marks on the face (black patches) on the forehead & cheeks.
  3. Unable to save financially.
  4. No close attachment with the family (Especially relationship with the father).

Total session was mixture of Kannada and English.
The session started with progressive relaxation. He followed my instructions and relaxed. He Imagined the garden and went in side the gaden. Initially he couldn’t find any bench, staircase or doors. Then he saw a staircase going down. After going down he saw a door.
Q1. Open the door and go to the other side, which will take you to any of your childhood memory?
It’s dark can’t see anything.
Q2. Ok, no problem. Come back to the garden, can you see any bench?
Yes there is a bench.

Q3. Go sit on that bench and relax?
I am relaxing on the bench.
Q4. No need to worry, don’t get scared. It’s a beautiful garden filled with positive energy and happiness. Relax there for some time. How are you feeling now?
Good, feeling happy.
( It was a rose garden. He told me after the session )
Q5. Look around you, is there anybody else in the garden. They may be your ancestors or master’s?
No one is here, I am all alone.
( Here I did Dave Elman Induction 3 times to make him more relaxed & to take him into deeper level )
Q6. Can you see any stairs going down?
Yes, I can see.
Q7. As I count 5 to 1 go down through the stairs, you will find a door. Open the door & go to the other side. Which will take you to one of your happiest moment in this life. It may be recent one or may be your childhood one?
(His eyes were scanning)
Q8. Where are you?
At home.
( It took 45 minutes for him to Visualise )
Q9. Look at your self? How old are you? What are you doing?
I am in first standard. I am drawing a picture on the wall with a colour chalk.
Q10. What are you drawing? Who else are there with you?
I am drawing tippu sultan picture on the wall. My father and mother are here.
( Tears coming from his eyes. Don’t know why. May be because of the happiness, he saw his mother, who has passed away long back, when he was in first PUC )
Q11. What are they doing?
My mother is preparing roti and my father is eating.
Q12. How are u feeling now?
Very happy.
Q13. See what happens next?
My dad is scolding me for drawing on the wall. I don’t like he shouting at me. I don’t want to be here any more.
Q14. Go back in time, where you was in your mother’s womb?
Not able to go.
(SE=Significant Event)
Q15. Go to the SE from where you are getting the problem for not settling in one place?
Can’t see anything.
Q16. Ok. Come back to the garden. Relax for some time?
(Allowed him to relax for a minute)
Can you see the stairs now?
Q17. Go down through the stairs & go through the door. U will go to a SE from where your problem is coming for no close attachment with the family ( especially the relationship with your father )?
Can’t open the door.
Q18. Come back & see there are so many doors. Go through any one of them. You will go to a SE?
Can’t see any door, but I can see a gate.
Q19. Ok. Open the gate & go to the other side. U will go to the SE?
Gate is locked.
Q20. The key may be with you. Just check , u will find the key?
No. I couldn’t find the key.
Q21. Relax, there are many doors, go through one of them, u will go to the SE?
Can’t see any door, but I can see one more gate.
Q22. Ok, go through that gate. Any how that gate is not locked?
I went through the gate.
Q23. Where are u? What are u aware of?
I am just out side the gate. I can only see the sky & clouds.
Q24. No need to get scared. No harm will happen. Go ahead & tell me what you are aware of?
I am going down through steps. I can see a lady. She is wearing purple saree & green blouse. A big bindi on her forehead.
(From here onwards it was like, u ask me, I will tell you. He didn’t even took a second to answer my questions. I was completely surprised. In fact I was lack of questions.)
Q25. Which year and place? Look at your self? Who is that lady?
Don’t know the year. It’s Shivaji Maharaj era. I have a sword in my hand. We are Marathas. She is my mother.
Q26. What is happening there? Look in to your mother’s eyes? Is she resemble anyone in this present life?
I am going for a battle. My mother is performing Pooja to Amba Bhavani. I don’t have any relationship with her in this present life.
(He has to go back to Surat in couple of days and he was not sure when he will get time again for his next session. For me it was like first & final session with him at that moment. And we have to work out on 4 issues, in this only session. Now looking at the way he was answering my questions, I thought of going in to the roots of his 4 problems, instead of collecting more information about his past lifes)
Q27. Go to the SE in that life, from where the problem is coming for, not having close attachment with your father in this present life?
I can see a man. He is our ministerial (mantri). He is poisoning the sweet/kheer.
Q28. Why he is poisoning the kheer?
He has a son. He want to get him my position, so he want to kill me.
Q29. Look into his eyes? Will he resemble anyone in this present life?
He is my father in this present life.
(Again tears in his eyes)
Q30. Do you have any relationship with him in that life? And see what happens after that?
I don’t have any relationship with him. He gave that poisoned kheer to my mother first and to me after that. We both have died.
Q31. What did you learnt from that life? And what are you carrying from that life to this present life?
I am carrying hatred towards my father. Because he killed me by poisoning.
Q32. Do you like to end this hatred there itself or you still want to continue in this present life?
I don’t want to continue this hatred. I would like to end it there itself.
Q33. Pray to God & forgive him?
I forgives him. And I also prayed to God also to forgive him.
Q34. Now go to a SE from where the problem is coming for u, which is not able to save financially?
I see a gold coin.
Q35. Where? Are you there?
It’s on the table, there are plenty of gold coins on the table.
Q36. Look at yourself? Tell me about you?
I am a British major. My name is George. I am from England.
Q37. Which year and place it is?
It’s 1576 and it’s Hindusthan.
Q38. What is happening there?
I am threatening a Hindusthani and taking all his gold coins.
Q39. See what happens next?
He hits me on my head, now my solders also came. They are holding him.
Q40. Look at that man? What is he feeling now?
He is looking very sad. He is in agony.
Q41. What did you learn from that life?
I took all his savings. I think that’s why I am not able to save financially in this life.
Q42. Do you like to wipe of your karma there itself? Or do you still want to carry it into this life also?
No, I don’t want to carry. I want to to wipe of there itself.
Q43. Ok, then go to that man from whom you took all his gold coins? Apologize him? And also pray to God?
I asked him to forgive me. He forgived me. And I also prayed to God to forgive me.
Q44. Now go to a SE from where the problem is coming for you, Not settling in one place, have been roaming places?
I am a man. Looking at sky.
Q45. Look at your feet? Look at your self? What are you doing there?
I am bare foot. I have pagadi on my head. I am waiting for rain.
Q46. What is your name? How old are you? Which place? Which year?
My name is Shankara, I am 30 years old, It’s 1725, this is Rajasthan in Hindusthan.
Q47. Look around you? Is the anybody else with you?
No one is here except a dog.
Q48. See what happens next?
I am climbing a hill. I am Infront of a cave.
Q49. Do you want to go inside?
No, I don’t want to go inside.
Q50. Are you married? go to your house? Tell me how is it? Who all are there at your home?
Yes I am married. It’s a small house. Not a hut. I have a cow. I am alone here at home. No one is with me.
Q51. Where is your wife? Why are you alone?
We don’t have kids, so I tortured her & I shout at her a lot. So she left me and gone back to her dad’s place.
Q52. Go back in time? Go to a SE, where you was with your wife?
It’s a big house. It’s my father-in-law’s house. He is a land lord. My wife is here, my father-in-law also here. Lot of people are here. Some festival it is.
Q53. What is your wife’s name? Look into your wife’s eyes and into your father-in-law’s eyes? Is there any resemblance. Do you know them in this present life?
Her name is Indumati. I don’t know them in this present life.
Q54. Now go to a SE in that life? Which is cause for your problem, not settling in one place, have been roaming places?
I am in that cave. I am old. Coughing too much. I am dead.
Q55. What did u learn from that life?
It’s all my mistake. Because of my anger & ego, I left everyone and roaming all over the places. I shouldn’t have treated my wife like that.
Q56. Do you want to leave your anger & ego there itself? Or do you want to carry them to this present life also?
No, I don’t want to carry them. I want to leave them there itself.
Q57. Go to your wife & apologize her for everything? And also pray to God?
She is not talking to me. She is quite.
Q58. Ok, go to your father-in-law & say sorry to him for everything? And also pray to God?
He forgived me & I also prayed to God to forgive me.
(After the session, he told me, intact my ego didn’t allowed me to apologize to my wife. If he could have told me this at that moment. I Should have told him to apologize one more time)
I am floating, going in to the sky. I can see a light. It’s bright like sun.
Q59. Good, don’t worry, u don’t get hurt by this light? See the light, how does you feel now?
I am feeling wonderful here. It’s a beautiful light. I am happy to be here.
Q60. Look around you? Can you see anybody else there?
No, can’t see anyone here.
Q61. Now go to a SE, from where the problem is coming to you? For marks (black patches) on the face. Forehead & cheeks.
I am in Himalayas. Climbing the Himalayas.
Q62. Look at your self? Look around you? Is there anybody else with you? And why are you climbing Himalaya?
I am a soldier from Mongolia. Lakhs of soldiers are with me climbing Himalaya. We are from Genghis khan’s grand son khublai khan’s army. We are climbing Himalaya to attack Hindusthan.
Q63. What is your name? Which year it is? And see what happens next?
My name is Chuble khan. It’s 1070. We are going back. We couldn’t climb the Himalayas.
Q64. Are you going back home?
Q65. Then where are you going?
We are going to Persia. We want to attack Persia.
Q66. See what happens next?
We destroyed everything here in Persia.
Q67. Now go to the SE in that life from where the problem is coming to you for, marks on the face?
It’s night. I am going on my horse. Some one threw a spear at me and it hits my horse. My horse is falling. Even I fell down. I got hit on my face and body.
(He was moving his body, like he is living in that scene. I can see the pain on his face)
Q68. If you are not comfortable, float above the scene & watch it from a distance? Nothing to worry & don’t get scared? Just see what happens next?
They are taking my body on the horse.
Q69. Are you alive or dead?
I am dead.
Q70. Go back in time and see how did you died? Nothing to worry? See what happened?
They banged my face to a big rock. My face is destroyed. And I am dead.
(Again he was moving his body, like he was living in that scene)
Q71. What are you carrying from that life?
I think by the way I got hit on my face is the reason why I am getting these marks on my face in this present life.
Q72. Do you want to clear this problem there itself? Or do you want to carry them into this present life?
No I don’t want to carry. I like to clear it there itself.
Q73. Pray to God to wipe off your karma for which you are getting the patches on your face?
Q74. Where are you now?
I am floating. I am in the sky above the clouds.
Q75. Look around you, is there anybody else?
I can see Buddha. He looks like Buddha.
Q76. Take his blessings? And Ask him for the messages?
He is telling, we should control our anger and we should believe everyone.
(In pretalk he told me, he don’t believe anyone)
Q77. Ask him, is there any messages for me?
He is going.
Q78. Do you want to know about anything else? Or else do you like to come back?
No, it’s all my mistake. Because of my anger and ego. I would like to come back.
(By counting 1 to 10. I brought him back to the awareness. After the session he told me, it was not Buddha, he was a Buddhist monk, wearing a red colour robe.)

Pain assessment after the session : 4/10.


Wow thanks for the share


Excellent session @Naveen_kumar, the highlight of which is how patiently you supported him in the begining even when no material was being elicited.
I understand a few bits of the session were in Kannada, feel free to add the questions in Kannada, as I would be happy when we can conduct PLRT in our local languages.
Overall well done Naveen and thanks a million for not only having reachout to him with this session but for also taking the time to share it with all of us.


Thank you for sharing the session.

What a session! Loved it. congrats Naveen. Great work.

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Worth reading. Its’ important to know how to proceed when the client is not able to enter past life at the initial stage. Thank you so much.

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Thank you. It’s my first client.

Great session Naveen, amazing how quickly he went from one memory to another and another…Every client’s eagerness to heal totally at a deep level is so touching, it’s their intention that keeps it going at some point…And they heal so beautifully. Thanks for your role in his healing.

Thankyou for Sharing this beautiful session. It has provided some very important insights and learnings for a beginner like me.

this is one amazing session , how patiently you waited for him to open the gate and doors … well done really helped me alot …

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