How to Setup Your Past Life Regression Therapy Studio

Congratulations if you are now in the stage of setting up your studio.

Remember some of the Amarantos Trained Therapists conduct more than 70 sessions a month and also have 3 months wait list.
And as due diligence is the name of our game, setting up a place conducive to execute the 15 stages is a must, this can also be your temple or a place where you read or meditate regularly as part of your Sadhana/spiritual practices.

Please watch this video from Amarantians put in place for setting up your studio.


Thank you so much! for the video. :pray: :heart:
It is really helping a lot to set up the studio. Kindly let us know the material of the recliner which would be good. I saw some on Amazon, wondering which one to choose!

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