Marriage breaking up due to curse issue solved

Anitha 35, F, 6/10, V,A, marriage breaking up Depression sleeping disorder

1 st session lasted for 2 hours in Tamil

Followed the 15 step process

Using Dale Elman technique was able to induce Deep relaxation and Trance

T: visualise that you are in the beautiful garden

C: Yes I can see

T: feel the healing light in your body curing you from all tensions and providing you a Deep relaxation. From here you will see a temple on your right hand corner

C: Yes I can see

T: go into the temple and you will see your master

CM: why are you calling me ( I was surprised by this later came to know she gets Amman on her)

T: may I know who are you

CM: Tell me you have called me what you want to know

T: I want to know the solution to solve this girl having problems in her married life breaking unable to find a right companion

CM: I don’t want her to get married as I have choosen her to do my services she cannot get married

T: You told her you will be with her giving a good life when she took blessings from you and you told her she will be happy

CM: Yes I am with her the person she is chosen now is not right for her she will suffer as she is god’s chosen girl he is a lustful man.

T: Is there a way we can get her married as everyone needs a companion and safety.

CM: Time will come I am always there to protect her she need not worry.

Session 1 finished

Session 2 was done on 20th January

Followed the 15 stage regression process

T: now are you able to go to your beautiful garden

C: Yes

T: let’s go to another place

C: I see a open space seem like I am in a terrace

T: what else do you see can you see something below like tree’s

C: I feel like some one is pressing my head

T: you can come out of your body and see who is it

C: I am unable to come out

T: okay let’s walk further to the end of this terrace

C: I have reached the end I can see my brother crying sitting there ( she told her brother committed sucide and he could have also stopped her from getting married)

T: Ask him why is he stopping you from getting married

C: he is telling me he is not stopping but waiting to be reborn in her and has saved her several times when she tried to commit sucide.

T: Ask him to take us to the reason who is stopping her getting married.

C: I can see a woman in a hut crying

T: where is it which year can you recognise this place

C: it’s a fisherman hut in northern part of chennai late 1900

T: are you able to see your self what are you wearing.

C: I am wearing a jubba and cap I am man

T: why is the woman crying

C: I had affair with her and wanted to kill her as she having a baby I have given her poison without her knowledge that is why she is cursing and crying.

T: please Ask her to apologise you as you have suffered in this life

C: She is saying no I will not you will suffer more

T: please as what if I do she will become calm and excuse you.

C: She is saying she will never let me get married and she must suffer without a life partner and enjoyments

T: please tell her you have realised and suffered a lot in this life please help me come out as you are born as a woman to understand your plight

C: she is not agreeing ( it went on for some time) and she told look for a fisher woman looking just like me and make her happy with what she wants I will excuse you.

We got the answer and she is searching for the woman she will find soon and solve her marriage issue.

End of session 2 she was brought back to normal condition and she was extremely happy.


Amazing session Sunder and so well documented

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