My Introduction

(Vidya Pai) #1

Hi All,

This is Vidya here and I was part of Venu’s first PLRT training workshop. When I had lost my job and looking for something meaningful to do, PLRT gave my life a meaning and a way forward. I offer Past Life Regression Services to clients who are looking for answers in their lives and believe this is my service to humanity.

Through PLRT, I have been able to find answers to several personal questions and situations in life and have been able to make peace with them releasing negative thoughts and emotions… helping me lead a happy, healthy life.

PLRT is powerful and incredible and I recommend it highly for everyone to explore at least once their lifetime - either out of curiousity or to find answers…

I live in Sydney, Australia now and do PLR sessions during week ends.

(Venu Murthy) #2

Blesssed to have you on the forum here.

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