One of the best Telugu movies on reincarnation

Movie is one of the greatest and modern mode of communication and a movie like “Manam” depicted the concept of reincarnation in one of the most appealing ways.
Three generations of Akkanani family are in the movie and it is the last movie of the legend Sri Nageshwara Rao which did 100days.

Trivia: My mother and sister along with Neha went to this movie but as I don’t go to movies I didn’t join them.

I still repent for not having gone with them after watching this movie on the laptop.

Absolutely . I admire the movie director’s ability to convey such complex
concept so easily. it is a beautiful movie. one of the best.

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Dear Venu,

I tried to ferret this movie on youtube, but in vain.

How to get hold of it and watch it?

Tks n rgds,


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it is available on for free in telugu pls

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its really a wonderful movie to watch,i admire the entire team one of the best family entertainer

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One of the things I liked about the movie is the way past life memories are triggered unconsciously by people and places.

The inspiration of the Himalayas harnessed by

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