Surviving Death - A documentary on Netflix based on the concept of ' Life after death'

Surviving death- A new netflix series based on the the theme that life does not end when we die, it is only our body that leaves us but soul is immortal. It has beautifully documented in the series which has 6 segments portraying each with a different theme. Starting with NDE , it has covered Mediums, Reincarnation as well. The experiences shared by real life people and experts comments making this documentry a captivating one.

Love to hear your thoughts and inputs on this.


Thanks a million for sharing about this documentary Dear Jyoti,
Really hats off to Dr. Jim Tuker for his splendid work and I just realised that I watched the Season 1 and Episode 6.
the most interesting part for me in this documentary was when at 33mins Ryan says that past life memories don’t just come out just like that they come out when its more like dreams… something like day dreaming. Ascertaining the fact that ASC is a prerequisite to be able to tap far memories!
And if PLR can be done for him all the repressed emotions can be reframed and he wouldn’t get as overwhelmed as we see him getting at 19 mins.

I wish everyone gets to watch these documentaries without fail.


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