Why the number of people is increasing??

(Geetha Vishwanathan) #1

I was going through a write up and found this question.
There are more people than there used to be so how can we all have past lives?
The answer was given as under:-
There are many, many theories but the one I find most likely is the one of the “fractured” or “broken soul” theory.

Just as the body will break down and separate, so too, can the soul. When we pass on and our bodies are left to decay naturally, it will break down to its base components and combine with other elements of the world around it to create something new. It will become a part of the ground around it, and the grass above it, and it will also become a part of the air. It will become fuel and energy for the animals still living.

The soul can also break apart and recombine with other surrounding entities. A portion of it may stay behind to become a spirit guide for a loved one, or perhaps recombine with a portion of another soul to create a new one.

This is, of course, a very brief and basic answer to a complicated question, and I request you to delve more into it share your say in this.
My stand which after taking so many sessions in the past 3 years is from the fact that I have had many clients who were animals, flowers, birds in their past. I feel since the number of animals, birds, plants is reducing considerably and the population of humans is increasing that answers the increase in human being.
Yogis Please guide!